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Kefiso Ry is an association for Kenyans living in Finland and Finns and others with an interest in Kenya who seek to enrich and strengthen their relationship with Kenya. The purpose of the association is to

  • represent Kenyan Diaspora and Kenyan culture in Finnish society
  • promote co-operation and integration between Kenyans and Finnish people 
  • advise Kenyan students to integrate into life and society in Finland 
  • develop social, economical, educational and cultural co-operation between Finland and Kenya
  • promote the welfare and strengthen the identity of children with Kenyan roots


Our mission is to provide a forum that connects, supports, gives access to Kenyan culture and promotes Kenya and Finnish members
Membership is open to everyone, but is particularity aimed at Kenyan Diaspora, Kenyans with Finnish parentage, Finnish nationals with an affiliation to Kenya, Organizations and companies working in Kenya, Societies working in Kenya and any nationals with an interest in Kenya.
membership fee 
  • single 10€ 
  • family 15€
  • corporate  10€
We strive to help increase participation in cultural, educational and social activities 

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